Some children need your help…

The issue: It is heart breaking to see children doing their best to learn in bad conditions.  How can children learn with no notebook or pen to write with? Getting education in these conditions becomes very hard and efforts are wasted. Here, a little help can make a big difference.

The situation: Children are proud to walk long distances (up to an hour) in the heat and dust to come to school and learn what their parents did not in countries such as Africa, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. 90 pupils sit in classes made for 45.  For lack of better means, they write in the margins of the notebooks already used by their brothers and sisters before.

The scope:  Maddipatla Foundation focuses on improving bad education and learning conditions to enable better education and country development.

The actions:  Maddipatla Foundation mainly supports Education. Maddipatla Foundation does tutoring, supplies of books & materials sponsor a child for education and academic counseling. Finally, working partners we provide vocational education children need to survive in today’s world where it is mandatory to  possess multiple skill sets.

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