What does Maddipatla Foundation do?
Maddipatla Foundation’s mission is to ensure “Every Child must get Education.” We founded this organization on the firm belief that education is the fundamental right of every child and no child should be deprived of this basic right simply because they don’t have access to school or resources that would enable them to realize their dreams. 
What’s Maddipatla Foundation’s goal?
To provide basic education to every child in need and to make a large-scale improvement in children’s learning levels. In doing so we are decreasing their likelihood of dropping out of school and improving their chances of moving on to higher levels of learning.
What are the programs Maddipatla Foundation offers?
  • Sponsor a Child
  • Scholarships
  • Leave a Legacy
  • School Building
  • Education to Senior Citizens
  • Academic Counseling for Students
  • Books & Material
  • Vocational Training
How will Maddipatla Foundation achieve its goals?
Maddipatla Foundation plans to achieve its goal through the following multi-pronged strategy:
  • Focus on smaller geographies within states
  • Ensure a sustained presence in specific areas for a specific period to build capacity within the area
  • Invest more time and money in training volunteers through structured courses
  • Involve parents and communities in assessment to increase accountability of schools and teachers
Why do we need a Maddipatla Foundation in USA?
We created Maddipatla Foundation in USA to unify the Indo-American community for the cause of creating a educated world. Here in the US we have a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness about Maddipatla Foundation educational needs in USA and rest of the world and to mobilize resources in the to support Maddipatla Foundation programs. There are many ways we here in the USA can help end childhood illiteracy and alleviate suffering in the world.
Does Maddipatla Foundation host fundraising events in the US?
No Yet. We are the plans to host in New York, New Jersey and Virgina.
What percentage of donations goes directly to the programs?
Maddipatla Foundation spends 0% of its revenue on fundraising and administrative expenses (The founders and Board of Directors bare these costs). The funds raised go directly to the needy, which is 100% of its revenue on programs.
Why should you support Maddipatla Foundation?
Maddipatla Foundation believes that education is a fundamental right for every citizen and together we can achieve the goals you thought could never be accomplished. Our policy of no administrative expenses on donors money, which means 100% money is guaranteed to the sponsored and as well as our extremely effective and low cost charity.

Transparency on money donated and you can communicate with the sponsored directly.

How can you support Maddipatla Foundation?
There are many ways for us to support Maddipatla Foundation efforts. Few are:
  • Cash
  • Stock donations
  • Starting a Scholarship on your family members
  • Leave a Legacy
  • Consider volunteering time
Who to contact if I have more questions?
Krishna A Maddipatla, Chairman and Founder, Maddipatla Foundation, his contact number is 646.469.0124 or email: krishna@maddipatlafoundation.org

Help Us

help us
Help us with:

  • Cash
  • Stock donations
  • Granting scholarships
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Volunteering time