Who we are and what we stand for?

The Maddipatla Foundation, with its world’s headquarters in Long Island, New York, stands at the forefront of forthright non-profit philanthropic organizations, steadfast and unyielding in its devotion to one supreme goal ensuring every youth in the United States and other countries gain immediate access to the primary, basic education necessary for the fulfillment and unlimited development of his/her potential.

We passionately embrace the masses of young talent struggling, impoverishly with every community in United States through our selfless, indefatigable core team members, volunteers, and vast network of regional and local advisory personnel, federal and state grants thru our partners, financial asistance programs funded by heartfelt donations, all to implement and maintain our stalwart moral convictions that no child shall be deprived of the fundamental rudimentary skills and abilities require to breach the intolerable cycle of despair, hopelessness, frustration, anger, and waste.

Our mission is solely to equip our youth with the motivational, financial, transportation etc., requisite to nurture and enhance their dreams of spiritual, career, and personal enrichment