Education is a fundamental right for every citizen.  Issues of ‘social’ distance – arising out of caste, class and gender differences – deny children equal opportunities.

child labor

Child Labor

Poverty causes families to send children to work, often in hazardous and low-wage jobs, such as brick-chipping, construction and waste-picking. Children are paid less than adults, with many working up to twelve hours a day.



Under-nutrition is a major underlying cause of the persistently high child mortality, contributing to more than a third of all deaths among children under five years of age.

About Us

The Maddipatla Foundation, with its world’s headquarters in Long Island, New York, stands at the forefront of forthright non-profit philanthropic organizations, steadfast and unyielding in its devotion to one supreme goal: ensuring every youth in the United States and other countries gain immediate access to the primary, basic education necessary for the fulfillment and unlimited development of his/her potential.

We passionately embrace the masses of young talent struggling impoverishly within every community in United States through our selfless, indefatigable core team members, volunteers, and vast network of regional and local advisory personnel, federal and state grants through our partners, financial assistance programs funded by heartfelt donations, all to implement and maintain our stalwart moral convictions that no child shall be deprived of the fundamental rudimentary skills and abilities required to breach the intolerable cycle of despair, hopelessness, frustration, anger, and waste.

Our mission is simply to equip our youth with the motivational and financial requisites that will nurture and enhance their dreams of spiritual, career, and personal enrichment


News & Events

  • Maddipatla Foundation is helping an organization “Soldiers In Sobriety” (SIS) who provide sober free living environment for women ages 21 and older.
  • Maddipatla Foundation participates in TLCA - Ugadi Celebrations in New York.
  • Maddipatla Foundation Directors gave SONY TV in the Raffle conduted by TLCA
  • Maddipatla Foundation supported Annual Sankara Eye Foundation Fundraiser.
  • Maddipatla Foundation participated in IDAHO fundraiser for AIDS awareness.
  • Maddipatla Foundation participated in Indian Assosication of Long Island (IALI) Annual Dinner
  • Maddipatla Foundation conducted Health Camp at Punjabi Mela in Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, NY
  • Maddipatla Foundation Chairman, Krishna Maddipatla has awarded "Bharat Gaurav Award" by India International Friendship Society
  • Maddipatla Foundation donates school bags with supplies to Rotary Club of Hicskville South
  • Maddipatla Foundation gave 2 IPad Mini's in the Raffle conducted by TLCA at Deepavali and Dasara 2013 Event
  • Maddipatla Foundation Chairman wins HONDA Accord in the Punjabi Mela conducted by Plainview Gurudwara, New York
  • Maddipatla Foundation gave Sony 3D Bluray Home Theater and IPod in the Raffle conducted by TLCA at Sankranthi & Republic Day 2014 Event
  • Maddipatla Foundation distributed school bags with notebooks, pencils, eraser etc. to students in Diguvachavali village near Naidupeta, Nellore district
  • Maddipatla Foundation distributed school bags with notebooks, pencils, earser etc. to students in Tirupathi, KV Palli, Chittoor Dist. and Dagadarthi in Nellore dist. 
  • Maddipatla Foundation chariman, Krishna Maddipatla was awarded "Man of the Year" by Council for Unity in Baruch College, New York, USA
  • Maddipatla Foundation Chariman has been appointed as Board of Director for Council for Unity (CFU), a non-proft organization which help incarcerated population
  • Maddipatla Foundation supports and sponsers Levittown West Little League


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